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Hurricane Gustav & Ike



August 29 (Friday) - FEMA Activates NV Task Force 1 as a Type-III Team, 34 members, for search and rescue for Hurricane Gustav.

August 30 (Saturday) - The NV Task Force 1 Team leaves Las Vegas, Nevada before sunrise, a convoy of an Excursion, 2 box trucks (24 ft), 2 pickups, 2 Tractor-Trailers (flatbed) and a bus.

August 31 (Sunday) - Team arrives in Houston, Texas late Sunday afternoon, to spend the night and recover from the long drive from Las Vegas, NV.

September 1 (Monday) - Team staged in Beaumont, Texas, where they spent the night.

September 2 (Tuesday) - This morning the Team staged in Lafayette, Louisiana and then in the afternoon were restaged back in Houston, Texas, to await further instructions.

September 4 (Thursday) - The Team was demobilized and this morning the convoy started out of Houston, TX,  but was called back to Houston, TX, for possible redeployment. 

September 11 (Thursday) - The Team was sent on a Humanitarian Mission to the airport near Beaumont, TX, working with patients who were non-ambulatory, critical care patients from the nursing homes & hospitals in the area. Worked through the night, left Houston, TX, about 6 pm and returned back in Houston TX about 6 am.

September 13 (Saturday) - Waited out Hurricane Ike in Houston, TX, as it passed through Houston, causing wind damage to structures throughout Houston and causing an area wide power outage. Team left this morning to start Search and Rescue operations in Port Arthur, TX. Spent the night in Port Arthur, TX, and resumed operations in the morning.

September 14 (Sunday) - The Team spent the day doing Search & Rescue operations in Port Arthur, TX  and small towns nearby. Headed back to Houston, TX, for the night.

September 15 (Monday) - Spent the night in Houston, TX, and this morning traveled to Texas City, TX, to assist other Teams with Search & Rescue going door to door on land. Texas City, TX is just North of Galveston on the Galveston Bay.

September 16 (Tuesday) - The Team spent the morning on Tiki Island doing Search & Rescue operations, then moved S&R operations to Galveston. Went back up to Texas City, TX, to spend the night and wait for new orders in the morning. 

September 17 (Wednesday) - The Team headed for Houston, TX, for the night.

September 18 (Thursday) - All team members, except the drivers, were flown back to Las Vegas. The drivers started back on the road for  Las Vegas with the equipment.

September 19 (Friday) - The convoy arrived in Las Vegas at the warehouse, late in the afternoon.

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